Claypot Chicken Rice Reopen in Paramount.

After My previous post on Clay Pot Chicken Rice in Paramount Garden, Boo from Masak-Masak left a message stated that the shop had closed down.

It was hard to believe as the clay pot rice served there was damn popular. I went there to check it out and I confirmed that it had closed down, without any notice at all (even the sign board was taken off).

I was as sad as Boo but had no idea where did the uncle goes. Luckily I found another Clay Pot Chicken Rice in Damansara Jaya to satisfied my urge.

Few days ago I revisited Paramount Garden and found that the shop restaurant New Kim Swan surprisingly reopen. Apparently. It was closed down for some renovation (adding some tiles and lights). Maybe it did not meet the hygiene standard during checking by the authorities.

Anyway, my belove Clay Pot Chicken Rice is still there and the Ah Pek is still busying cooking his rice pot by pot, day by day.

Good Food!


boo_licious said...

Yeah, they reopened that day - now have more stalls. They even had a big opening ceremony that day which came out in Star Metro as they adopted a drain to look after.

Iva said...

hmmm looks yummy!!! I must try that chicken rice. Thanks for sharing