Seafood Noodle, fantastic yet cheap... in Chemur.

There was once I went up to Ipoh to visit a client and we chat for food. I told him that I am crazy about a seafood noodle served in Segambut. With all my sales talk, it seems that there is no other better seafood noodle on this planet.

That afternoon, he brought me to a small shop and we had his preferred seafood noodle. He told me to try it and see if that one could par with the one I mentioned.

It was no curry or tom yam style of seafood soup, but plain seafood stock with plenty of fresh stuffs inside. I was extremely impressed and finish my food until the last drop. When the bill came, my jaw dropped even wider. I kept quiet after that, because I finally understand what it means "there is always another moutain higher".

I revisited the place again recently (not easy to locate because it is just an ordinary shop outside).

Tonnes of fresh, from the sea. Fried ginger slice in the soup with added rice wine... What a wonder!

A lot of people do not have the patient to wait for food served. I could understand that. It is not a pleasant experience for you sitting there, looking and smelling others wallap the delicious food. But, I am willing to wait for any great food, and I believe there are lots of other people sharing the same with me.

I need to wait for more than half an hour, with very little patrons that day (about 5 before us). Why? The sifu was so passionate about his serving that he cook the seafood noodle bowl by bowl (just like the one in Subang Jaya, pork noodle). He first fried the crab and other stuffs which need to be fried, then add stock and noodle. With such a great passion and consistency of cooking, I have no regret at all.

Sweet soup, fresh fish fillet, crystal green, RM3.50... please tell me you like it!

Oh! By the way, my seafood noodle only cost me RM3.50. I had half crab, mussels, fish meat, prawns, etc. No competition!


kuang said...

wow!!RM3.50 really cheap lerr!!!! i try b4 the segambut seafood noodle u mention b4.....quite cozy but the tomyum plus curry soup there for me so nice :D....the one u mention next time i go ipoh will go try :D
p/s : where is the shop arr??

boo_licious said...

Wow, never knew Sg Siput is famous for seafood noodles. I used to go there often for work but never ate any good food. Which part of Sg Siput is this, Utara or Selatan?

Mark said...

I am really really sorry that I had made a mistake. The location is not at Sg Siput, but half way to Sg Siput, from Ipoh, via Tasek. It is a small town call Chemur.
he title had been rectified. Now you guys know that my sense of location is terrible. Especially when I am having my good food, I forget every other things.


Always no address, no contact detail. You see the nice picture, but have no idea where to find it.

Promise will improve.


boo_licious said...

Thanks for the update. Will try it if I end up at that neck of the woods.