Flood in Shah Alam... What the...

When I heard the thunder storm last Saturday night, I thought it was only another normal raining night. Wet and cold, nice to sleep.

When I wnet to TTDI Jaya to have my breakfast the next morning and found that there were flooded and cars were soaking wet, I thought hey, problem for some people.

When I when to Giant Shah Alam for breakfast (TTDI Jaya closed, maa) and saw more cars soaking in water, I thought that was kinda big problem already.

When the next day I read in the paper then I knew how bad it was.

I think it must be that bad only somebody will take the innitiative to look into the drainage system there. I had stuck in the damn NKVE toll few times since a couple months ago when it flooded. Nobody took action at all that time. Just few police put some cone and block the road, only.

Good Life!


boo_licious said...

U managed to get in to the flooded areas? Yeah, it's sad abt the jam, quite a few people I know were affected.

Mark said...

Yeah! But it was late morning. So, not that bad from my eye.