Marco's Pizza

It was until that day I came to learned that not all restaurant people welcome anybody bringing camera into their premises, taking picture freely (especially when it was nicely renovated). I guess they are concerning of leaking their concept to any competitor, or simply felt unrespected with my Chinaman kampung style of behavior.

I went in - look left - look right - sat down - order food - snapped photos - ate my meal - talked loud - gave comments - looked around - snapped more photos ... Waiter came - politely asked me what am I doing? - I told him I like the place, wanna take photos to introduce to my friends - he said it was against the policy - politely gave me a name card for contact of approval - I said sorry and thanks - paid the bill - went back and email to the restaurant manager...

So, this is my first post, which obtain full authorization from the restaurant management. I feel proud, and finally I am following procedure, rules and regulations. I feel professional, although I am just an amateur kaki makan who likes to share good food to his friends.

Why I took all the hazard to post this? And not obmit it and delete all my "blood sweat" photos? I thought it is a very nice and special pizza house.

The restaurant is newly open, situated at the opposite of Kelana Jaya LRT station. Big sign board, very easy to locate.

You will feel the different the moment you enter. It was nicely renovated, classy and very up market feel. Spacious, nice tables and sofa, big screen plasma TV, live pizza making, etc. (too bad I was not allow to take those photos).

The aircond was cold so that you can hug your honey tide.

The food served was very well presented. Nice to see, good to eat as well.

We had a Hawaiian pizza. It was stuffed with tones of pineapples, chicken sausages and mushrooms. I hardly felt the pie. But the cheese abit less. Maybe I forgot to ask for extra cheese.

Prior to that, we had our wild mushroom soup. It really wild and yummy! I could taste lots of mushroom, very less starchy feel.

Our garlic bread was special. I never thought they will make it on round shape, just like another pizza lookalike.

I had also chicken salad and I love the taste. Not very sour. Fresh vegetables. Sweet chicken slices. Portion just nice and I felt very healthy.

Oh! Their coffee was nicely done also.

Price, reasonable. Worth trying if you want to have an alternative to those very commercial style of pizza house.


Boo_licious from masak-masak had tried it and post some good comments. She had taken some nice pictures showing how they make their pizza.
Funny, I was also after a hard day work (not so smooth) and found the place.

However, Jon Lee from Wantan production had different oppinion.

There is a big pizza outlet chain call Marco's Pizza in The States. Besides that, there are many other pizza house using the same name (just google marco's pizza and you will amazed). Wonder why? I had no idea.


KampungboyCitygal said...

Lucky Marco's Pizza..It's getting a lot of free promotion lately..From boolicious, wantan production and u

Mark said...

Thanks kampungboy... or citygal?
I am too buzy (and lazy) to recall blog I read or do any research before my posting.
This shows that I am still very amateur huh?

boo_licious said...

Wah! New policy already? This is the first I heard abt people making noise abt snapping pixs. Hope this is not a trend. I'm a bit confused abt your statement - does that mean the restaurant has okayed your review and pixs?

I read on fried chillies forum that someone also complained abt the lack of cheese on top of the pizza. I personally think lack of cheese is nicer as I don't like them laden with too much until it becomes another Pizza Hut/Dominos.

wyejon said...

u know i'm thinking perhaps they introduced the new policy after i blasted their food! hahahaah

it was really disappointing.

Mark said...

Yup, I email to the management with attached pictures taken. I had the approval reply, after they consulted their top management.

I could not 100% agree with you about their bad food quality.
However, it was not a pleasent experience when someone came over and ask you not to take picture, especially in front of many people.
I thought I was going to jail or something... by appreciating their food and pay full of my bill.

wyejon said...

mark: That's alright... I never expect anyone to agree with me. I don't believe I'm a fussy eater as I'm easily satisfied but somehow or other whenever I go to a place which most people find good ngam ngam they screw up and I get bad food :P

Anyways it's ridiculous that they asked you not to take pictures... I wouldn't worry about getting into jail though :) There's no way they can do that just for taking pictures of their food.

* JaNice* said...

last few weeks, i went there as well. seriously, i dont have any good experience at tat new restaurant. i gotta question the standard of hygiene of the particular restaurant as i found something in my pizza..which is.. .. .. anyway, the manager still did a good job that refund the pizza money to us.. haha..my fren tot she could get desserts for free. obviously it's not..

Mark said...

The more I talk to my friends, the more I found they had bad experience.
Should they close it up, or take it seriously for changes?