Finally... OZ food nice also.

Few other foods I ate and manage to snap some photo. Not bad and I would say I am impressed.

This is a Thai restaurant near Kingscross. It call Opium Deli. The environment was pretty nice and yes, the foods were like opium, you will get addicted very fast.

I ordered Thai style rice with grill mutton. Truly Thai style with mango slices and Thai sauce.

This fish cake was very nice also. Springy and tasty. I guess the fish in Oceania fresher than here?

This is the buffet lunch I had during my trip to Blue Mountain. Simple yet nice. Look at the grill chicken drumstick!

My day trip mate to Blue Mountain, after we had our good lunch.


Jackson said...

The Thai fish cake look really good! And what is the orange thingi in yr plate during buffet a?

Mark said...

Its pasta with cheese tomato sauce.