Fast food in Kangaroo Place

When I was freshly arrived in Melbourne, everything was foreign and expensive. Experience was similar to few years ago when I first landed in Germany. Can't help, I am just a very thrifty Chinaman, who loves fast food.

First meal, I had to try McD . I found that the burger was nothing bigger than my home land, but the meat was slightly softer. Major draw back, where is my chili sauce?

One of my friends told me I had to try the fish & chips. So, that evening when I was in St Kilda, I had my fish & chips (the cheap version). Again, no chili sauce and it was only and only fish and chips. Abit plain, but the fish was really fresh.

I stayed in Urban Central (a backpacker place) for my very first night as my company only sponsor my stay the second day onwards. Although it was cheap, but very clean and nice people staying there. I think for my next trip I will certainly backpacking.

Breakfast was free and I had to DIY. Toasted bread with jam and a cup of orange juice was just nice. The plus point, I had it with 1 or 2 new friends.

Lunch on second day, I had Subway. I never tried Subway in Malaysia, but it felt healthy and I love the bun.

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Jackson said...

wow.....so good that u can alwiz travel around!! Enjoy reading those and seeing those picture that u took overseas! Take more next time!!