Puchong Yong Tau Fu... Simply the Best

Is Ampang YongTauFu the most famous in Malaysia? I believe so. And I believe most of the people thought so as well. However, I also heard Serdang YongTauFu pretty nice, and Puchong has the finest YongTauFu.

The shop I am going to introduce here locate in Kampung Bahru Puchong and it is call Puchong Yong Tau Fu. It serve the best fish cake in town, at least from my point of view.

I came from the East Cost of Malaysia. The place where we eat keropok lekuk more than potato chips. Our taste for fish food is difference. I love fish cake or fish crackers with strong fish taste. I thought fish cake without the taste of fish means nothing. So, a good fish ball cannot be judged by its texture and appearance only. If you only want a springy ball, why choose fish ball? Squid ball also can right?

The fish cake serve in this Puchong Yong Tau Fu taste fishy, feel fishy and I could feel the real fish texture. I have no problem to wait for almost an hour for my serving. It worth every minutes of waiting.

The stall locate opposite a Chinese primary school, at Puchong Chinese village. Area near Tractor Malaysia and DHL.

See the crowd waiting patiently and I have no complain to wait for my turn at all.

Vegetables served fresh. You pick the raw one in the basket and they will stuff it immediately before cook. Freshly prepared food, worth the wait?

Each table's TongTauFu were stuff at site and cook separately and immediately.

Deep fried egg plant and FuJuk.

This is my favourite. Fish ball soup. I still can not find a proper word to describe it.


Vicny said...

hmm.. actually beside this Y.T.F stall,hv another stall sell Y.T.F. stall ther hv rendang chicken and the curry MEE & PAN MEE vy nice.. But dun go on SUNDAY! they Close on SUNDAY!! ^_^

kongloong11 said...

Hi, just to share that there is a branch from same shop now open in Seri Kembangan Serdang. Check it out at my blog. The taste and price is about the same.