Fine Food... in OZ

After few days of simple food and fast food, I started wondering that it cannot happen in such a large land that no great food around. Indeed, it has. The land is full of surprise and finally I had have 3 superb meal.

For my first fine food, we went to a restaurant in China town call Golden Century. Unfortunately I did not take any pic. But the place was full of people and I was told it is one of the best in Chinatown, Sydney.

I still can remember how big the scallop and how fresh and meaty the salt & pepper crabs. Those Chinese dishes had been localised, but somehow the taste were not bad at all. Of course they never cook with chili. But I was not mind anymore. Maybe I had adjusted myself accordingly.

The second day, we went to Pellegrini's Restaurant. It is situated near a harbour at Elliott Street. Fantastic western food. Plenty of wine and beer, so much good seafoods.

Small restaurent, but very uniquely decorated.

Situated at the edge of a jetty. Based on the location, it should serve good seafood and indeed, it does.

Cooper beer was just great!

I only manage to snap a proper pictures. It was my appetiser. I could not believe how tender those squid was.

The next day, me and my South Africa colleague went to a fantastic seafood restaurant call Jordons Seafood Restaurant at Darling Harbour. I love seafood in OZ. They were all very fresh and tasty. Fish, squid, scallops, mussels, etc. all large and sweet.

Jordons is a great place. Slightly pricy, but not too expensive if you take into consideration the food it serve and the environment it prepared. Great food with great view. While we enjoyed our food, viewing of Darling Harbour was memorable. And the plus point, plenty of pretty OZ girls around too!

Having meal while enjoying the night of Darling Harbour.

Started with Cooper's Beer.

Appertiser... something about octopus.

The prawn appetiser looks great also.

Main course... Salmon was fresh and nicely cooked.

This fish & chips cost many times than the one I had before. But it worth every penny of it.

Tiramisu as a desert. Pretty.

And a cup of fresh brew coffee to end a satisfied meal.

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