Gamble in Genting?

Gambling, an activity love by billion, but since we know how to eat, we had been told it is a very bad habit . It is illegal to gamble if you are not at legal age and legal place like Genting, here in Malaysia. And that's why millions of people flock up to that little hill each year to look for sudden rich.

Read it somewhere that there is two nation love gambling the most, Chinese and English. They bet everything, from football, racing, who wins the minister ship to even when David Beckham will divorce. Unbelievable!

I am not going to waste too much time writing about this because "gambling" alone is already a heavy topic. We can even zoom in to look at the socialeconomic espect, human phycology implication, organism behaviour, etc. Plenty of research topic can be focus and many thesis can be written from.

What I know is life is a game. We have rules to follow and we play by it. If we are skillful and lucky enough, we win. Sometimes we loose. Everyday we make choices, we make decision. We take risk, and we should be prepared to loose.

Many moments we have choices to choose and decision to make. These all based on our experience, needs, and "feelings". If this is not gambling, then what?

So, we live life as a gambler. If we won, its just part of the game. We move on to face another challenge. If we loose? It is also a part of the game. We got to move on and face another round. As long as we don't bet everything we have, and play it smart, game will carry on, until THE END.

Picture taken at the entrance of Coffee Terrace, in Genting. Not a coffee house as it sound, but a fine buffet court.

Chinese food freshly cook at the bar. Look at that fire! Hot food served, for sure.

Plenty of dishes served. From Indian, Chinese, Malay to western cuisine. If you tend to try all, be prepared to be very very full.

See those hot pot? How can you try them all? So many.

Lady Sifu is doing Chinese Ramien.

Her hand is faster than the camera speed. Thus, noodle unseen.

Ramien hand made from the lady Sifu. Yum yum yum.

A table of food fresh and hot from the counter. Eat all you can!

I like this steam chicken drum steak with herbs. It make me feel "healthy".

Oh! They serve satay also. By the way.

Curry noodle must try, since its my favorite.

Desert looks so tempting. Like armies lining up to kill your stomach.


tankiasu said...

How much is this buffet?

KampungboyCitygal said...

yeah im concerned about the price too..sooo sien with gentign choice of food..olive is good but toooo expensive

Huey Huey said...

For dinner buffet, RM40++ for adult and senior citizen only pay RM21++. There also breakfast and lunch buffet available.

jason said...

Nice dessert photo.