New Food Court in Putri Mart

"Wei...? What you wanna eat tonight?" I picked up the phone immediately drove passing out the factory gate.

This is the usual opening of our conversation. It is perfectly well suited to us as we believe after filling up our stomach, our brain will work better for the night.

"I will bring you to a new place. I accidentally found it today!" She said eagerly.

"Really? Good or not?"

"How can I know?! I just found it today."


"Not expensive one la... I know you. Value for money."

"Hey, I am not that kiam siap la..."

"You will be surprise!"

When I pressed the off button on my hand phone, I quickly clicked the search engine in my brain, scanning any image on "food+new+cheap+special+Puchong". Too bad, a window popped up stated: "No standard information containing all your search terms were found".

Tried to divert my curiosity, I switched on the radio and increased the volume. But unconsciously, my foot pressed harder on the pedal.


The moment I saw Putri Mart in front of me, my brain freeze.

"Is this the one you mean? Hahaha... It open very recent, but I notice it already." I laughed.

"You do?! I thought it will give you a surprise. See, so huge! With so many food stalls inside. I am very excited!"


After pressing the "Ctrl+Alt+Del" and rebooted, thoughts quickly ran through my mind. Yes, this Nice To Eat Food Center in Putri Mart, Bandar Putri Puchong fit perfectly well in my search terms, and I did registered the image in my mind couple of days before. But why it did not pop up in my mind? There is only one reason: Woman, you ain't know what are they thinking!

Standard BBQ chicken wings. Can find in any store anywhere.

Stew duck was nice. I like the little lamp below. It helps my picture to looks better by steaming the gravy.

This is a glass of very unique apple water. Yes, apple water, not juice. perhaps that night there were only tiny little apples left in their fridge and the SOP stated that: blend 1 apple and add reasonable amount of water until the jumbo glass is full.


teckiee said...

I know i'll sound weird... but those chicken wings looks like long sexy girly legs...

wmw said...

Sorry Mark, this comment is for Teckiee : Yes, you sound weird! ROFL....

Mark said...

Yes WMW, teckiee so weird. But now everytime I eat chicken wings...

jason said...

Uh... how come those chickie wings so long ar?? Em... did I said something weird? :P

teckiee said...

.... no comment...