Restaurant Grand View @ Bukit Tinggi

When you travel to east coast using Karak Highway, you got to slow down your vehicle when approaching Bukit Tinggi. Be very careful to take notice on your right hand side. There is a row of shop houses with many sign board showing fresh water food.

If you are hungry and cold just like me the other day, and with some cash in your pocket, do not mind to stop by and have a dinner. Those fresh water fish and prawns most probably just died minutes ago (CSI by my taste buds). Their cooks were equipped with full knowledge of cooking. But good things will not come cheap, especially the target market is all hungry and cold passing by travelers.

Young long bean. Vegetable to start the dinner.

Mushroom with fish cake. I can still recall how soft the mushroom and springy of the fish cake.

Fresh water prawns cooked with Mamite. Their big heads contributed most of the weight (money).


jason said...

I wanna go to Bukit Tinggi!

MeiyeN said...

mushrooms with fish cake new to me! and da long beans... ooo love those young ones! :D

wmw said...

Bukit Tinggi!...the other "Bangsar"....so many eateries there! Pengsan!

leng leng said...

This shop serve the worst foods in bukit tinggi. Taste is average, pricey and unhygienic. One of our dishes is with strain of hair

leng leng said...

And when we complaint about it to them they even talked foul. They don't deserve publicity