Sawadee Karp #4

What other liquid in Thailand is popular beside tom yam kung? The answer is alcohol. Alcoholic industry there is the largest among South East Asia. Beer is cheap and everywhere!

I had been to few large breweries in Thailand during my previous job in a F&B cleaning chemical company. The size and capacity of the plants are huge compared to our two breweries here. Based on their output, we certainly know that Thai drink far more beer than the rest of us in this region.

Lots of ladies and even some gentlemen thought drinking is a bad activity, especially in our country which classified alcohol as non-halal. Accidents after drink and drive and heavy social advertisement about cutting down on drinking has also slowly cultivate a believe that this is a bad habit.

It is hard to debate on the topic. I think social drinking is very nice as after few glasses, we tend to be more open and friendly. The after effect of alcohol in our blood improve our visibility and mental openness. We see all human prettier and nicer and suddenly you feel the bond with others. Its chemistry.

But of cause, over drank into drunk is definitely destructive. It not only harm yourself, but also create danger to the people surrounding you. For everything, a little and in range is nice, over dose is killing.

You can say my dining habit is like walking on a thin ice. But it excite me just like those kids crazy about extreme sport. Its dangerous, but very chi kek!

We been to this restaurant call TawanDang. Its a German micro brewery serving own brewed beer, delicious cuisine and stage performance. We call it micro brewery because the brewing facility is tiny and the beer produce is mainly for the restaurant own consumption. The beer is usually with unique taste from own recipe. And one can enjoy the very fresh beer right from the brewing tank. Fresher than the fountain tab we drink in the pub.

This is a 5 liter tube with cooling core inside. A fascinating way to serve beer.

See those tanks? They store fresh beer inside!

The restaurant was crowded with stage performance. We had such nice experience and great time!

German beer must come with pork knuckle (a German cuisine). Perfect match!

Oyster was also very nice.

And grilled fish too!

And also the star... German sausage! Yummy...


tankiasu said...

Wah, into beers review now eh? ;-) Stay sober Mark!

KampungboyCitygal said...

haha quite agree with the 'we tend to talk more openly n frenly after a cup or 2' ..its weird, but it works

wmw said...

That's really a tall order!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wow..looks damn shiok for a friday nite after work..but this place got the extra knuckle and sausages..lagi best woh!

team bsg said...

omg ! our kind of place
( legs up ! ). best street food in da world no doubt

Mark said...

tankiasu, beer n meat is my food, water and vegetable are for cow. :)
KBayCGirl, do you think we could have a drink then?
WMW, I bet you can finish though?
Joe & bsg, too bad we dun have it here. Tak de lesen.

Snapshots said...

wah, reminds me of octoberfest which i visited oh 20 years back when i pass by Munich, remember beer,beer,sausage, roast chicken but not pork knuckle.