Indian Stall @ Sri Kembangan II

Good food revisited and discover more good food serving. So how? Keep visit the good food place lorr...

This Indian Stall was first posted few weeks ago. So, I will not elaborate further but only the special creative food below.

I think it is call roti chingkering or something sounds like that. I saw many people ordered it and I thought I should try. So, I called the waiter and pointed to a lady eating that. The skin was made of ordinary roti chanai telur, then it was wrap and roll like poh piah, with chicken meat, vegetables and mayonnaise inside. Special in a sense that it is very creative combining traditional Indian bread and wrapper style. Taste was fantastic. Portion unbelievable large.


wmw said...

Ooooh....looks and sounds good! Wonder if they have this roti chingkering elsewhere as a usual fare at such stalls.

Mark said...

Not sure... So far I not seen elsewhere yet... Anybody?