Pan Mian @ OUG

Ever heard there is one popular stall selling Pan Mian 板面 in OUG?

I love their hand made noodle when I first ate it about 10 years ago. That time it was still operated under a huge tree, beside Pearl Point.

It has been years I miss the biteful noodle as other food. And suddenly I noticed that it has moved.

Asking and searching, I finally found it. It is now situated in a newly build food court, just behind Central Supermarket and Parkson.

This is the stall, simple and ordinary. You never know they serve some non-ordinary food.

Dough sheets were pressed and waiting to be cut into noodle form.

A bowl of freshly prepared hand made noodle, with plenty of fried ikan bilis and mushrooms. The noodle has a tougher texture. You can feel the bite. Soup was very sweet.


wenching & esiong said...

i live near OUG but i didn't know that there's this pan mee around. i should try that out soon! thanks for introducing!

Mark said...

You are almost welcome, wenching & esiong... :)