Sawadee Karp #2

Sawadee karp. I fall in love with the place ever since my first visit about 6 years ago. The land is full of nice and gentle people and I felt very safe walking alone in those jammed packed street in Bangkok, anytime anyhow.

A food hunter should hunt for tom yam there as this is the signature food. But this time I took another route and found something else, which totally surprised me.

Walking along Sukhumvik road let you experience down town Bangkok like our Bukit Bintang. You can find many nice food there. But in such a big city, good food is everywhere. Great dishes like the one showing below was accidentally found in a small stall in Rajadapisek road.

That evening, both of us walked tiredly and hopped in a stall full of people. There were BBQ stove outside with seafood displayed showing it was serving BBQ seafood.

I found that people love BBQ there. They burn everything (food), everywhere in the street.

Eating Thai BBQ, the most special thing must be their local chili sauce. Lots of spices and lemon minced around with chili. Fantastic!

I don't know what this call, but just pointed at them and hualaa... they are as good as my K800i camera phone can take. Terrific!

Siham, which is my favorite food served my stomach very very well. They were just nicely heated on top of the burning charcoal. Unbelievable!

I forgot to take the picture of our beer. But hey... if I tell you I drank cola there, you people will sure think I had shocked up my mind already. Singha Beer must come with BBQ chicken wings. Sweet!

Err... this is BBQ pork. I was over joyed by the beer and food, my hand shake a little. Sorry!

In order to not feel guilty, we ordered kangkong cooked in Thai style. Taste good also, you know. Amazing!

PS: I did not jot down the stall name, but it is a very small stall serving surprising good and cheap food. All those dishes with 2 beer cost us less than RM40. So, if you wanna try the food (so do I), bring me there, I will show you. :)


rokh said...

you're making me msis bkk :(

babe_kl said...

mark, you can find the siham at Nong & Jimmy, Ampang. yumyumm my fave

jason said...

Yay, can't wait for my trip there in November!

Mark said...

hehehe... sorry rachael.
Oh izzit Babe? I need to go there...
Jason... I am sure you will have a great trip there!