Red dragonfruit agar-agar mooncakes.

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Red dragonfruit agar-agar mooncakes
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"I have something to show you..." Huey was very excited on her notebook.

"Mnnn... ?" I was reading newspaper and thought "Being a good boyfriend ain't easy..."

I took a look at the screen and what a nice piece of moon cake I saw.

"It's Jelly mooncake with red dragon fruit filling and coconut cream." She explained.

"Looks delicious and pretty too! You know who made it?"

"Yup, its from the hand of Sharon. She has all the patient to make those. And I bet she is very creative too!" She was very proud.

"Hehehe... Do you ever ask her to teach you?" I teased her.

"Wanna buy? Although it is her hobby and she learn that for her kids, but she do sell for RM20 per box." She ignored me.

"....." I ignored back.


I thought those jelly mooncakes were very lovely. My mouth is watering to try for the taste.

I had have some jelly mooncake bought by my sis the other day and I kind of like it.

People try to be very creative to differentiate their mooncake as it is a very lucrative product. Mooncake is also kind of a food allow us to be very wild in innovation. Years after years, we see new products in the market. It has been a trend and excitement to look around who has created what new thing. I have not seen people explore other festive food like this yet.

Bravo to all the chefs and mummy out there!


teckiee said...

one thing about agar-agar mooncakes.. they dont last long.. =(

MeiyeN said...

aha..... i remember i made few dragondruit jelly mooncake last year and it was yummy, not too sweet.. this year around, i don't think i am making any... cause i just hurt my toe, badly injured :( sobzzz...

The Malaysian Life said...

Never tried this before. Looks delicious.

Mark said...

Yes teckiee, they dun last long :(
aiyoo... must take care your toe, meiyen. NVM, next year make for all the Flogger lah!
Thanks for dropping by, TML.