Sawadeekarp, again #2

Chatuchak weekend market, the largest market in Thailand and in the world.

Its huge, really really huge. You can find almost everything there. From basic clothes, utensil, books to pets, what it pops in your mind, you see it there. It's the mother of all pasar. And the hottest of all pasar.

Men goes there: "Walau... looks like it will be hell of a shopping day."

Lady saw the magnitude:" Yes!... looks like it will be "hell" of a shopping day."

Same words but different tones. And you definitely know which tone I used. Walau....

BBQ pork ribs everywhere. Looks deliciously unhealthy.

Those were tiny little bird eggs. Imagine how much cholesterol if those are chicken eggs.

Sausages pyramid! So tempting.

BBQ pulut. Yum yum.

Oh! There are stalls selling healthy fruits and food also.

Fresh dates.

Sweet pineapples and mangoes. Well presented!

Nice idea to present those drinks. Looks delicious.

err... I found a mamak stall in Chatuchak. Confirm, it has everything you possible wish.


Precious Pea said...

Those are fried quail eggs...many times more cholesterol than chicken egg. Tempted to try but then again, should overload the body when there are so much more delicacies there right?

Mark said...

I thought small means less. Lucky I din take any. Otherwise I will need to run few more rounds this weekend liao.