Sawadeekarp, again #5

Ladies, beside Chatuchak, what other places in Bangkok you like most?
Err... careful, I am asking ladies. So Patpong is incorrect, neither Suhkomvit.

Pratunam, yes, the magic place. I am sure honey, when you read this word: Pra-tu-nam, your eye sure spark. And it sure come with lots of regrets because you missed the laced skirt with only 99 Bath. You thought you will come back, but you never find the place because its so huge and full of other colorful clothes. No time to go back either.

Pratunam is a place full of non branded, non pirated, super cheap fashion. It is basically a sea full of woman (and men, a little) clothes and dresses, and shoes, and bags, and...

I thought I am a fairly good hunter for food. But I am no way near the professionalism of the fashion hunters. I am just like a kid (I thought) in front of those "master". I could not possible spot my shirt among thousands of very similar shirts, in a split second. I think it needs great skill, determination and passion.

Okay, back to business, any good food at Pratunam?

This "Kon Lou Mee" Chinese dry noddle shop situated opposite Platinum Mall serves pretty good noodle.

I love the shop because the owner seems supporting the same team with me: ManU!

Champion noodle shop hanging double champions!

This is the noodle. Something different in the land of tomyam and somtam. Added deep fried pork lard did bring up the taste.

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