Sawadeekarp, again #3

Well, 3rd episode. Let's get serious.

These are the food we enjoyed during the stay. Its cheap and tasty.

Thai loves BBQ, so do I. Sometime I though I should born as a Thai.

But if that happen, you might see me twice the size I am now. Sawadeekarp!

Our local hired guide brought us to this simple restaurant. Simple Thai dinner with lots of learning, how to eat and how to speak Thai.

Sticky steam rice. I love pulut!

Something like "char siu".

BBQ chicken wings. Makes me remember Mr Fong, my chicken wings (and beer) kaki.

Those "Siham" really huge. Twice as big in Malaysia.

Tomyam Kung.

Another dinner at Suam Lum night bazzar.

Oyster fried egg.

Pork leg rice. Typical local delicacy.

err... another set of BBQ like "char siu".

Deep fried baby crab. Yummy!

Afternoon at Chatuchak, after BBQ under the sun, had some cool.

Fried chicken, delicious!

Oh! This is good, very good. Meat salad. Spicy sour with strong flavor.

Enjoy nice coconut ice-cream with... atapchi.


J2Kfm said...

the baby crabs look inviting ...
had the same coconut ice cream with attap seeds, refreshing, and had to queue up right?

Mark said...

Yeah! Need to queue for the ice-cream, but they provide seats for me: the poor kuli.