Match'Us @ Puchong

Bandar Puteri Puchong opening another good eatery place with creative name: Match Us.

Mushroom soup was not bad.

Coke fried chicken wings taste special.

Chicken chop was well garnished.

Cakes was okay... only.

And their signature drinks chocolate blended with real choco at the glass as deco.


teckiee said...

hehehehe i wonder if they do match making ;p

MeiyeN said...

da ice blended chocolate looks sinfully good!

merry christmas to you and your loved ones :)

Mark said...

teckiee... match making? hahaha
Thanks meiyen, wish you have a wonderful year ahead!

Jackson said...

may i know the exact location? near Giant?

Mark said...

Hi Jackson, not at the Giant side. Its opposite Giant, pass the huge badminton courts... those new shop lots. Facing Hiaer office.