Restaurent Foon Lock @ Kampung Bkt Tinggi

Never imagine Kampung Bukit Tinggi also house good Chinese food.

Eating in cool and fresh environment always make my appetite.

Fry mushroom. Very good.

This is my favorite and their specialty. Steam chicken bee hun. I still can remember the sweetness of the juice.

Stuffed tau fu pok.

Fried young bean.

And finally, came asam fish. Wow! sweet, sour, spicy, hot and fresh water fish in one plate. Don't ask me how, must go try yourself!


rokh said...

steam chicken bihun! i want!!!

bayi said...

I just came back from Bukit Tinggi but I did not visit this place. The food looks fantastic and delicious. What are the prices like?

Mark said...

Yup, the steam chicken bihun is kind of special and nice. Price reasonable also. No blood on my neck. :P

ah_mel said...

Mark... got address ar???