Unique Steamboat @ Serdang

There are lots of good food hiding in Kampung Baru Serdang or Sri Kembangan. I guess normally there are factastic eatery in these traditional Chinese settlement. I had my very good Bak Kut Teh in JinJiang years ago, and I still can recall the taste.

So, what best to have for my buddy's farewell?

We had a good steamboat before some very nice 2nd round.

Fresh seafood.

We can either cook with tom yam kung or normal soup, or pan grill at the side.

2 in 1 steamboat BBQ... Unique.

And this is my buddy. Mrs Fong, your hubby is a good man!


wenho said...

can i know the address of this place?thanks!

kOk-sUn said...

Is Hai Tang leh.. haha..

Mark said...

Yeah, its Hai Tang at Kampung Baru Serdang.