McD Gold Medal Meal

Olympic fever!

Lee Chong Wei won a silver and rewarded infinite.

Mark breaking his own record by chasing the 5 Coke glass.

5 Gold Medal Meal in 3 days, plus 1 McFlurry and a McChicken meal because the McD in Shah Alam and Balakong running out of glass.

I think I will take a break from McD for a while now.

First trophy collected on 20 Aug. Thought to just have one for souvenir at first. But after looking at it, pretty nice glass and it's a limited edition!

The second yellow, lunch the next day.

Third blue at 21 Aug night. Well, lunch and dinner same Spicy McDelux burger, what a day!

This is tough! After knowing that McD Shah Alam is running out of stock and McD Balakong has only one bule left (seems more and more people is after this), I had decided to sapu both green and black at once.

Five in a set. Green & black came with our dinner last night 22 Aug.

PS: Oh! By the way, there is another red with HH. So, all together we ate 6 sets of Gold Medal Meal, 1 Fillet-O-Fish, 2 sets Ayam Goreng, 1 McFlurry and 1 McChicken meal in 3 days. 2 person. Happy McD!


mimid3vils said...

I have none of them... :(

Anonymous said...

hm.. actually you can get the glass @ RM8.80/glass without the meal~ :)

Mark said...

:0 What?! Silly me.