Raku Zen @ Plaza Damas

I felt "strange" when I had my first sushi.
I was barely teen that time and as you know, I crave for "high risk" food since I was 0.1 days old.
So, with such plain, cold, fishy and expensive food placing in my mouth, I wonder how "poor" Japanese was.

Well, time past and things change. I love Japanese nowadays. Appreciate the detail of the work, the creativity and the art.

I love the attack of Wasabi. People says no pain no gain. This Japanese style of SM rape my bud nicely.

Eating chili is long lasting pain. It burn slowly along your digesting track till the ceramic bowl when it travels out. But Wasabi attack is always hard and fast. just like dripping wax on your skin. Sudden pain then gone with nothing. Japanese style, short pain, gain more.

Wasabi in "leaf".

Crabby California Roll.

I love BBQ babes... they are hot!


Oh! Frozen strawberries with creams.

Ice-cream wafer.


wmw said...

Nice place to dine at!

Tummythoz said...

'like dripping wax on skin'??
Trying new food is that scintillating huh. :P

ah_mel said...

hmmm... yumyum!!!

sigh... very broke this day, cant go for expensive food like this these days...

Envy u...

Mark said...

hehehe... Just my imagination nia. Dun think dirty ya.