Restaurent Min Xian @ Puteri Puchong

2 ++ years ago, somewhere in KL...

"There is one very special Char Kuay Tiew in Segamat." The very excited girl told me, when we had our "ordinary" Char Kuay Tiew.

" ... " I have no idea what she was talking about.

"Don't you wanna ask me how special my Char Kuay Tiew is?"

"How special can it be? Lobster meat instead of tiny prawn?" I asked in my heart. But, as a good actor, I politely asked her back :"Is it out of any ordinary?"

"Well, I am not telling you until you bring me there." She gave me an inscrutable smile.

I knew it! What the F un.


2 weeks ago, in Puchong...

"What so special about the Char Kuay Tiew here?" She ask with her eye wide open when I brought her to this heavily Chinese decorated restaurant.

"Something different, out of ordinary." I smile, confident I will bring her something special.

When the plate served. I saw her eye laughing at me. Something not right.

"Ceh! This is the moonlight Char Kuey Tiew I was eating since baby time. And it certainly not original compare to the one in Segamat."

What the F un.

This is the legendary moonlight Char Kuay Tiew.

Prawn noodle soup.


ah_mel said...

hey mark, u should bring me ...
coz i ll sure give u the suprised look... seriously i didnt try before... issit good? I think should be ya...

Mark said...

Mel, well, if the Kuay Tiew is hot enough, it's yummy when you mix it up. But I don't like to eat egg white in raw.