Steamboat @ Puchong.

Had a chat with a Malaysian buddy in Shanghai regarding recent political scenario here.

He was saying even if there is big change come this September 16, the rakyat can only hope for a better tomorrow but cannot be certain for a better future.

I was thinking...

We live life because of hope.

We hope for promotion and better increment so we work hard each day.
We hope to be taken care of so we taking care of our young.
We hope to be loved so we search for love.

A person will only kill himself when there is no more hope.
A person kill because of hope.


There is fierce competition in food service industry nowadays. Restaurant hope to gain the market by cracking up new ideas.

Steamboat boil with gas is common. But steamboat cook with charcoal is something special.

It's a gimmick? But it works. And the shop has been around for awhile already.

It's a charcoal stove! No gas require.


mimid3vils said...

special charcoal steamboat~~

Jackson said...

It's not ez to find a steamboat place using charcoal stove... taste better ?

Mark said...

No different for me, Jackson. But the way they handle the charcoal is interesting. Maybe you can have a try?