Restaurent Sunrise @ PJ, Duck Only.

I think it is not easy to find another restaurant selling nothing else but hundreds of roast duck each day, and dare to claim to be able sold out every day.

Sunrise's business hour is started 11:30am until sold out everyday. It has been such for many years.

We used to know that for a business to survive, it needs to reinvent itself and strive for continuous improvement. Otherwise competition will eventually catch up and replace it.

This happen expecially for high technology industry or even consumer goods. There is few which can sustain with single product for years. Coca-cola is the one whicn I can think of which it manage such sustainability years after years.

In PJ, Sunrise Restaurent, which only sell roast duck, too manage to survive such long and prosper with only one product.

It is simple to dine there. Just place your order eithrt half duck, whole duck or more ducks. No chicken, no char siu no other choice. If you do not like duck, you will have big problem sitting inside the restaurant.

I am amazed that there are so many people like me enjoy duck. The place is full everyday from 11:30am until around 2:pm, when hundreds of duck being sold out. There was once I miss my meal even it was still around 1:30pm.

The lady keep chopping and serving, and the people keep replenish the crispy bird regularly. You need to see it yourselves to believe.

I think there is reason it is so popular. The meat is tender. Skin is crispy. You hardly find such thick and textured meat elsewhere. There was once I brought a friend there and he said:" I am sure they let the duck exercise a lot and eat very healthy."

Running business like that is a dream for many people. The shop basically open only 3-4 hours for business. The only thing to worry is upsetting hungry customer with no duck to serve.

But how many of us can create such recipe?

Don't think this plain soup is water, it tasted hot, spicy and sour and full of duck flavor. A must for appertizer.


Restaurent Sunrise
31, Jalan 21/1, S.E.A Park, 46300 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor D.E. Malaysia
Tel: 603+78769689

Business from 11:30am until finish (close on Monday).

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