Coffee and Soda Dirnk Nothing to do with Colon Cancer

I never thought that drinking coffee or soda drink will cause colon cancer. As a heavy coffee drinker, when I saw the subject title, my heart stopped a while. It bit back after I I fully understand that the study shows coffee has nothing to do with colon cancer.

We could not say it is baseless when she started her research study. But at least now I can drink my daily cuppa very confidently. And those Old Boy, Old Taste, Old Town, Old My God can serve their white coffee comfortably either.


A new study published by scientists at the Harvard School of Public Health suggests that drinking even large amounts of coffee and carbonated drinks is not linked to colon cancer risk.

Writing in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, the researchers sought to examine the evidence behind suggestions that high tea, coffee, and soft drink consumption could be associated with colon cancer.

Concern about a link is based on the fact that sugar-sweetened soft drinks are associated with weight gain and obesity, conditions that are potential risk factors for colon cancer.

The scientists found that those who drink more than six 8-oz cups of coffee a day or 18 oz daily of sugar-sweetened carbonated drinks were no more likely to develop colon cancer. Meanwhile, a modest association was uncovered between drinking more than four 8-oz cups a day of non-herbal tea and colon cancer risk.

The results were similar regardless of sex, smoking status, alcohol consumption, body mass index, physical activity, and tumor site. 

Source: The Journal of the National Cancer Institute
J Natl Cancer Inst 2010;102(11)
Risk of Colon Cancer and Coffee, Tea, and Sugar-Sweetened Soft Drink Intake: Pooled Analysis of Prospective Cohort Studies
Authors: Xuehong Zhang et al.

Source: Food Quality News

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