Hoe Fong Chicken Rice @ SEA Park PJ

When I was first brought to Hoe Fong Chicken Rice by my ex colleague, I was pretty sure he is bringing me to some very good chicken.

You see, my this friend is a very loyal person. He only eat chicken and he must eat chicken everyday. I never saw him eating else but chicken rice. So, he is certainly qualify to be my guide for the best chicken rice.

I am also pretty sure if he goes to the farm, all those birds will run away like no tomorrow. Chicken run!

He was the one taught me how to eat chicken rice.

"The best part is tight." He said.

Never think that serving a plate of chicken rice is so easy. "The piece of meat need to be chopped evenly. The bone and the meat need to be separated nicely. When you eat, you should be able to appreciate the texture and taste of the muscle." I open my ear when he said so.

Hoe Fong has been operated for more than 30 years. It only sells chicken rice. Each bird is fried freshly by a Ah Ma. I am amazed by her consistency and sustainability. Day after day, she stand in front of the heated wok, frying the chicken without fail. It worth every cent by just seeing her passion in preparing the food.

The meat is crunchy on the skin, sweetly flesh and hot until the bone. Very well chicken rice indeed.

Go to Petaling Jaya, SEA Park, in front of the market, you will eat the ultimate chicken rice in town.


GAS(Gerakan Anti Samy Vellu) said...

sorry dude ... you might having some issue with your toungue....
I was really upset with the suggestion and the food over there is (sorry to use this word) so screwed. That is even worse then pasar malam nasi ayam.

Mark said...

GAS, too bad that your preference a little different from the majority. Each food has it supporter and this has been around years already.