Estern Promise @ Kemang Jakarta

Somebody put our office in Southern of Jakarta. So I got to stay around the area most of the time when I ever there. It is way from the city center, so a little peace and quiet. 

Some of you might say I am so "out" that Block M is nearby the area. Honestly, I have not been there until now. Boring person will find himself boring in any place. 

I used to stay in Kristal, which is really boring with food. There is nothing within walking distance. I was bored with the hotel dinner and room service. 

Nowadays I choose my stay in Kemang, a little like our Bangsa. Nice food with various variety within the radious. 

If you still remember, my very favorite Nasi Bakar Keju is in the food court nearby. 

There is very good DVD shops around also. "Shii... dun tell the authority!"  Cheap and very honest service. They will tell you if the disc is still not clear. You know what I mean. 

I have been to this Eastern Promise Restaurant and Bar few times already. Really enjoying the food and atmosphere there. I can't believe there is such typical Indian cuisine in a place with very few Indian community. One should give it a try. 

Starter, very nice pork liver. Yes, Pork in Jakarta. 

A very nice pork lion. Yes, pork again.

The place serve very nice Indian cuisine too. Biryani rice with very typical Indian chicken curry.  

A little boy trying to tackle kakak.

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