Da Mi at Sungai Long... nice Taiwan food

The restaurent I am going to introduce seems pretty famous. I found some newspaper cutting in their store.

It is situated at the commercial center in Bandar Sungai Long, a half shop sharing with Sports Toto.

The environment was very peaceful. Lite music, soft decoration and very cheerful feeling. The food served was something special.

I had a crispy pork noodle soup. The soup was very "healthy" as it was with lots of vegetables.

This crispy pork chop taste as good as it looks.

Another dish we ate, the "ma lak" noodle soup. Basically it was the previous soup noodle added with very spicy chilli powder. Wow!

I had a plate of toufu as my side dish. Yummy!

Girls must like this pot of tea very much. It is rose milk tea. I kind of find it strange. I thought rose is for decoration, or gift to pretty girl. Not to be eaten?

My "cham" ice was as good and unique as the glass it looks.

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nicole said...

any telephone number of this cafe/ restaurant? thks!