Yaw Fat Restaurent in Summit USJ.

Can we find good food in Summit USJ? Never thought so? You are not right!

There is one restaurant at the 2nd floor serving reasonable good foods. From Bak Kut Teh to curry mee, all prepared from a single kitchen.

Summit has little to shop, but if you stay around there, why not find a day for movie (less people to fight for your sit) and have some interesting hawker food in a shop in a shopping mall?

I always believe good curry noodle should serve with steam white chicken. This shop gives me the entire drum stick!

"Gon Lou Horfan" with mushroom chicken. One of my favourite there. It tasted so thick and the "Horfan" as smooth as it was from Ipoh.

Well, this is the shop. Remember it!


Xiu Long Bao said...

hei, i used to frequent this restaurant when i did my A Levels in the Summit built-in Prime college (the campus has now been shifted to the adjacent building).
There are some gud food in this building...hmm...the nasi ayam melaka stall in the food court and the nyonya laksa stall on the lower ground floor (near MPH) but not sure whether they still survive in this building cus I hav not been there for the past 3 years :)

Mark said...

:) Xiu Long Bao.
Glad that there is people know this restaurent.
Happy New Year!