Seafood in Asia Cafe

Asia Cafe in Subang offer some very nice foods and very pretty chic. In Good Food. Good Life.: The Ultimate Clay Pot Chicken Rice, I thought the stall offer fantastic clay pot chicken rice (of course after that I found few more stalls selling far more better rice).

I go there on and off and when I have no idea what to eat. This time around, I tried the few BBQ fish stalls and tell you, the food not bad. No wonder many people go there to have those spicy seafood.

Other food? Not very impressive, I thought.

"Kam Heong Lala" was good. But I more prefer the one in Puchong food court.

I don't think this "chicken fish" looks like chicken, but it certainly taste a little bit like chicken, especially the texture. Well cooked and presented.

Well, we had other food as well. This tomyam fried noodle was too salty and spicy. Not impressive.

The Vietnam chicken rice owner was from Segamat. Good cook.

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