My Kopitiam... not that bad.

Another "kopitiam" popped up in Pusat Bandar Puchong, at shops opposite Tesco Puchong. I don't feel good initially. Too many "kopitiam" around lately and I think this has been saturated and people starting to get fatigue on it. At least I am.

This also verified again that nowadays ideas, products, concepts can be duplicated or "reverse engineered" rapidly and efficiently. Anything can be tap, modified and replaced in a split second.

I never thought to give this My Kopitiam a try but because of the rain and spare time waiting for somebody that night, I made a choice to hop in and have a look (more or less also because of the banner showing RM0.99 per cuppa coffee).

Very well presented noodle with big mushrooms! Taste shows the owner does know how to cook.

99 cents per cup of coffee. Expensive if you compare with our traditional "ko pi tiam", but cheap if the environment has been upgraded.

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