Big Plate Restaurent at Subang Permai... Wow!

When I heard about Big Plate Restaurant, I thought it is just like Papa Chop & Mama Grill, cheap western food that serve cheap. Furthermore, my friend told me that the price is quite reasonable. This strengthen my perception that it is cheap and serve tonnes of food to value your stomach.

We face no difficult to reach Subang Permai. However, it took us a while to find the restaurant as the sign was not bright and big enough.

Simple interial decoration with very deem lights double confirmed my previous thought. But, I nearly dropped my eye when I saw the menu. The price was about 50% higher than PapaMama. I thought somebody must have recommended wrongly and I was planning to write a negative review.

Sometimes man makes decision too fast. Or maybe when we are expecting the worst while receiving good things, it end up we are much appreciated the results.

Food served was fantastic. Simple decoration, low cost environment and all other cost cutting contributed directly to the main focus, the food. Food served were well decorated, well presentation, and taste even better than some very high end restaurants. The main things is, those plates were huge, and they are full!

Good food in very large portion, Big Plate, ain't kidding.

Restaurant looks simple and hiding in remote place. Crowd come from words of mouth.

Mushroom soup served in XXL size bun. Enough for 2 persons.

Tomato soup was better than mushroom soup. Equally large.

My sis ordered a sandwich plate, thought to have a light meal. But look at those tuna and the bread and all those chips, I can't believe it cost us only RM7.

Grill ikan tenggiri, local fish cooked with western style. Well done for the cook to married both local and west. You got to eat it to know it.

Pasta also very yummy. The greens was different from the Ayam Shah Alam. This serve with kiwi and dragon fruits.

Grilled chicken (Ayam Shah Alam) came with half chicken plus well decorated salad. All nicely cook and I could not resists to finish it all.

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