Penang food... nice and cheap!

Everybody knows that Penang full of good food. Even when you simply sit on a road side store you probably might find surprises.

I used to travel to Penang quite often for work. Friends took me to some food which make me want it again and again. I wonder if you know these foods?

The first food that inspired me when I first enter Penang 5 years ago was this mamak restaurant call Hameed Soup. It is located at Penang Road, few blocks away from Cititel.

People sit along the corridors and soups served as you request.

This is my favourite soup, soup kambing. I heard this is the best in Penang. I never agreed. I thought it is the best in Malaysia!


Gurney Drive serve various local specialty for tourist. I don't think the food there is the best in that island. But I can have almost everything there.

Pasembur. I thought it is just another variance of rojak?

Pasembur is rojak with deep fried seafood, sausage, meatballs, etc. I love fried sotong rojak.

Never miss my Penang laksa every time I touch the island.


This stall locate just opposite of the ferry jetty, in Penang island. It opens in the evening. Simple stall, serving great tea.

When I look at that pot of boiling ginger soup I immediately realise what a perfect cup I will have that day.

This is the best teh halia I had ever have so far. And it is cheap!

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