Tian Yuen Seafood Porridge Steamboat

Steamboat is a very popular type of food. It is easy to prepare, healthy to eat (depends on what you put into the soup) and you can DIY your food (pretend to be a cook?).

This was the first time I ate my steamboat using porridge as the base. It was very new and I could not imagine how to eat my food.

The waiter offered to help and he sieve the egg into the pot of porridge to make it smells fantastic.

We dumb in all those seafood and suddenly I realised that the porridge had become so sweet and tasty. Literally we were cooking seafood porridge!

Fresh seafood and other vegetables make you feel healthy.

After cooked, I am not sure I should finish the porridge or just take the stuff like I used to eat steamboat. All the goodness has been into the porridge!


Azli said...

Excuse me, i like to eat steamebot, yr rest got Halal jakim?

Azli said...

I like eat steamebot, u got halal jakim?

Mark said...

Hi Azli,

So sorry I think its not Halal...