Gasoline... a place to refill friendship.

"Brother, I am thirsty!" Fong, our Project Manager went to my room screaming about a tough day's work.

"Go get some water in the pantry, my friend." I teased him.

"I don't think water will work. I am exhausted, need some gas also."

"Hahaha... I know you. Its time to refill in our Gasoline."

Happy Hour, it is really the happiest hours for most of our kind of Kuli. After a long day fighting in the field, we all badly need to get loosen. We are mentally drained and badly need to refill before going back to face the bed.

Beers, jokes and crazy stories after a hard day's work really heal us emotionally and make us a better person back home. So wifes, listen to our side of story, will you?

This small cafe in Sri Kembangan has some unique interior design. Although it is meant for the young, but I kind of like the name, Gasoline. It is at the shops behind South City Plaza.

What do you get in Gasoline? Of cause drinks with gas laa....

Beer with chicken wings. A wonderful mate!

Of cause, cannot live without my favorite fried sotong too.


tankiasu said...

Oh I walked past this Gasoline once in Sungai Wang Plaza. I thought it was an Ah Beng's joint. :P

Mark said...

It is a Ah Beng's joint... no doubt.

teckiee said...

Gas on line? LOL!

jason said...

Hahaha, nice menu cover!

Anonymous said...

There is another branch in Heritage buildings just near Mines shopping fair and its located near the lake, very nice view and relaxing. The restaurant decoration is very attractive for youngs :)
I like it as well :D