Journey to the Center of Food Heaven #1

That day, in a crowded train, I felt no party. It was so foreign and so quiet. People everywhere, but if you know nothing about them, they just part of the scene.

Hunting, a sport, an adventure. You have aim to grab. You are so focus and so determine to achieve.

Exploration, is in our blood. We love the unknown. The thrill to search and the joy to discover.

What will be my journey in hunting and exploring the food in the center of food heaven? Without any guide, no path to follow, just go and get. Good or bad, its a journey we need to take. Joy or tear, its a road for every human explorer.


Teoh said...

Hiya...thanks for linking me! Hope you have a great time in HK & Macau! =) -sooyin-

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hk..the land of food !!..hoped u had damn alot of fun n gained back all the weight!

Mark said...

hahahaha... you r right, Joe.

tankiasu said...

Ok, waiting for you to come back and show us the photos of the feasts in HK! Enjoy your holiday. :)