Journey to the Center of Food Heaven #14

Dim sum is one of the essence of Chinese cuisine. So, had to try it out at every place for benchmarking.

My friend brought us to the International Hotel of Zhongsan and I am so appreciate for his hospitality, second to non.

Picture taken after the breakfast. The hotel looks classy among the rest.

Stuffed cheongfan looks delicious . Taste second to the one in HK.

Oh! Gorgeous presentation. Crystal clear skin roll with vegetables and mushroom slices. I though they were real crystal!

These "kuih" very familiar to me. I thought I ate it here before. Crushed peanut inside.

Oh! Their siu mai was up to my standard.

How can we take dim sum without char siu bao? Although it taste "ma ma" only.


Precious Pea said...

The Crystal roll look interesting. What they stuffed inside? nice?

tankiasu said...

*slurp slurp* I'm a big fan of dim sum!

jason said...

Ooo... love the kuih with peanuts inside

hee seow cheng said...

tan ks, hi! my first time here , coz i just notice you have a blog, a food blog somemore :) you actually a food expert huh. curious bout the "makan makan" organisation, how to join?
hungry after watch your blog :P

Mark said...

Pea... Its vegetables like carrots & mushrooms. Not bad the taste.
Kiasu... me too, I like dim sum.
Jason... Yes, it has crunched peanuts inside. I think we have it here right?
SeowCheng... Wonder if you are one of my old friends, coz I have a friend same name :P But who u refer to? Tan KS? Tankiasu? I am Tham KS... hahaha... confuse! Anyway, SeowCheng you have a very nice blog! I love your writing!

hee seow cheng said...

haha,i am 曉菁 ,who else?
found your blog from kuantan kaki fwd mails.
tan ks is refer to you, tan kim siong.
nice food!