Journey to the Center of Food Heaven #11

Experience and feeling just separate by a thin line. Experienced hunter uses his instinct and feeling to locate his pray. Maybe his experience enable him to analyze the environment and situation and conclude the probability of win. Maybe he is just based on his feel and natural instinct to find his food.

I am not sure which is the one I use, but the more I hunt, the better I can locate good food... I think.

Of cause, there must be some misfiring moment, like the Portuguese Tart story. People said:"No matter how smart a squirrel jump between trees, it will fall down one day." I take that as my learning. So, whenever I hunted a bad food, I will just let myself go as I know: bad things never last, and good things not forever.

This is the table decoration and drinks cover with the shop brand, Siu Hong Mao. A tiny little shop in Macau city center. Youngsters make up the number of its patrons. I was the eldest one.

Chinese like to eat all in one, or in mix. We drink coffee with tea, we eat noodle with bihun and chili sauce with tomato sauce. So no surprise the stall's signature food is noodle all in one. Picture shows a large bowl with lots of stuffs. Soup was tasty.


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wat kinda noodle is that?? haha looks yummy never the less..

Jackson said...

semua campur but looks yummy!!