Journey to the Center of Food Heaven #13

Even though you know sugar makes you gain density, it makes you happy.

We love sweet since we can even walk. We then grow up chasing many sweet girls. Why we call a girl sweet? Sweet girl melt our heart just like those sugars growing with us.

... and yes, sugar babies... in ZhongSan.

Please don't fool by my pictures taken in gorgeous, I can assure you that the taste of below desert did not loose any compare to their fine photographed. A heaven desert stall at the Walker's Street in ZhongSan, brought to me by my friends there.

Picture taken a bowl of steam egg tofu, topped with lotus seed. Tofu was soft enough to melt in the mouth and those huge lotus seed contributed fine taste of pureness.

Black sesame with small rice ball "TangYuen". Its really black and warm. Not too sweet, and with very nice aroma. Texture wise, chewy because of the rice ball.

Pure steam egg tofu. Plain and simple, but very soft and smooth.

Water chest nut cake served in hot. Jelly like and springy texture. Giving a very simple yet pure feeling.


Precious Pea said...

Nice looking desserts. Well..suddenly imagining myself having all that during cold winter night...SO NICE LEH!!

MeiyeN said...

i first thought it was "taufoofar"... so yummmmm yummmmmm

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

sweets is one of the ways to a woman's heart..

jason said...

OMG....! The tofu with lotus seeds and black sesame with tong yuen looks so heavenly!

KampungboyCitygal said...

i rmb trying the water chesnut cake at guang zhou..yummy

Mark said...

pea, meiyen, joe, jason & KbCg, I miss those very much!