Mark goes... Vegetarian?!!

There was once I heard an old lady said she is practicing 30 days of vegetarian because of honoring her wish to God. I saw her will and felt her sense of determination. Weather she did that for her family or her own self, I am pretty sure someone out there must have touched.

Many years ago when I did my industrial training in Kepong, I had two vegetarian colleagues. I had every breakfast and lunch the vegetarian way for more than 3 months and it was such a heavy experience. They said that clear their body and calm the emotion down. I thought I was having some emotion problem then. Still remember my breath got chocked and heart stopped when I saw my mum cooked vegetables at home that time.

I am not against vegetarian and I strongly believe it is something really meaningful to do that. I might even be a full vegetarian one day. But of cause my friends will never believe that day will come for me.

Actually it is not a necessity for Buddhist to be a vegetarian. And I do think it is not very appropriate for a man to eat only vegetable because he has something looking forward for. Being a vegetarian because one seen the suffering of killing, feel the pain and sorrow. Vegetarian hope to reduce the pain and bring happiness for all beings.

Too ambitious statement? I read it somewhere and I truly believe that.

Buy hey, go tell a lion to eat carrot and prove Darwin's theory stupid then. Everyone has its own food to survive, and mine is chicken feet, bak kut teh and sotong.

As long as I don't waste my food and think of the poor and needs. I think I am still okay. Keep our mind simple and live this life the fullness!

This vegetarian restaurant situated at Subang Jaya, opposite Metropolitan College, across the main NPE road. Easy to find, nice food to eat.

Three dish in a plate. Normal for any formal course meal in Chinese. But those were all non-meat.

Tofu with mussels like mushroom. Not bad.

This is their famous dish, curry mutton. Its my favorite too! Strange that I did tasted mutton flavor in those cube. Very thick and creamy curry.

Oh! Its a fish, with the taste of fish derived from seaweed.

And this is something puzzle my head since long time ago. It's called roasted duck. But no matter how I look at it, I could not imagine any duck. I would just call it deep fried "fu jok", enough.

Picture taken a "real" vegetarian food. Sweet potato leaves in fermented tofu. Don't you think vegetarian should serve greens instead of imitation of fish, meat and duck?


Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,
I like you comments on the vegetarian.. when the time come, you will know which one is more important to you. However, it is too early to say anything now. Good luck!

babe_kl said...

other than not wasting food, Buddhist should also learn not to yearn or crave for food hahaha which i doubt i could :p

MeiyeN said...

so most of them made of flour or soy beans? still prefer da "pure" veges :)

Precious Pea said...

Errr...i never like mock meat as I prefers natural veggie, mushrooms, peas and beans. Honestly i felt that one who go vegetarian for religion purpose should not yearn for mock meat.

teckiee said...

I can be a vegetarian... if being a vegetarian allows me to eat pok. ... guess i'll just suck at it. But I love vegetarian food. Have always picked it over meat stuff. Maybe except pok? hehe

Mark said...

err... anonymous?: Seems like you know me more than I worr... kind of spooky. :P
babe: Really? Cannot yearn for food? Then cannot be a foodie lorr?
meiyen: Yup, so if you have high uric acid, problem.
pea & teckiee: I think certain time, take only vegetable or salad is fun.

jason said...

Well, mock meat does taste nice. :)

wmw said...

I love to eat vegetarian food. As I don't like chunky meat and fish...when it comes to this...I will eat! haha....