Indian Stall @ Sri Kembangan

When I was a student, Indian stalls in Sri Kembangan was my usual place for dinner. I was not very particular about the food quality, but the price. We were poor student who need to carefully budget our spending so that end of the month we could enjoy a proper happy meal. :)

Indian road side stall (that time I thought they are mamak stall too!) sell cheap yet tasty food. One pack of nasi lemak normally only sell at RM1. Sometime even less when you eat more. The boss always act as he is calculating, but never accurate. Rarely much, mostly less. That's why made us student happy to eat there always.

After stepping into the larger society, enjoying salary pay and meeting with higher class people, my choices of meal has become wider and more exciting. Restaurant, hotel, Japanese, Korean, France, fresh Seafood and many more has become my critic. Long lost I remember my root to be humble for simple, cheap yet delicious food.

One night when Huey took me to this small stall open in front of a tyre shop, I suddenly realized student food can be good and the stall had attracted more middle age Ah Pek, like me.

Teh halia, perfectly made. So smooth and light on sugar but strong with fresh ginger juice.

RM1 nasi lemak, fiercely spicy. I still can feel my stomach burning.

RM3 curry mutton. The thick and flavored curry makes me mad.

Maggi goreng also as good as it get, with slight different from ordinary mamak style.

This is my love and the stall signature dish. Almost every table ordered their curry chicken feet. RM1 for 3 feet (one and a half chicken!). That was my first time eating chicken feet cooked with curry and fall in love right away. If you go a bit late at night, after all those feet braised longer in the pot, sure will it melt in your mouth with a little hot curry spicy taste. Walau....

No name, no brand, just remember this tyre shop at the main road of Sri Kembangan old town. Stall open after 8pm, almost daily but not Thursday.


KampungboyCitygal said...

hey!! i love this place..but i've never blog about it coz i dont bother to do so and i never bring my camera along..ur post just put me into shame because gd food deserve a post on its own

Ginger said...

mamak's food is da best! long live mamak!

Ebony said...

You write very well.