Merdeka Open House - Mee & My Malaysia

Babe_KL has been organizing Merdeka Open House many times and I did nothing every time.

Well, this year's theme is a little easy and I have something very very special to share.

I call my noodle as Tham Mee, my family noodle (Huey name it, after she heard my history). It's not Mark's Mee because it was inherited by my passed away father.

My dad was the first to cook it and serve us when we were kids. We loved it until we could eat it for every breakfast.

Mom continued the tradition and prepared it pretty frequent for us during those school days.

Even until now, my house will always ready for the 4 ingredients in case we suddenly miss the taste.

The noodle is simple and easy to prepare yet extremely tasty for all children and adult. As simple as cooking instant noodle but matching any Maggi Mee goreng out there.

Them Mee, created by Mark's dad.

This is the ingredients, strikly follow the brand. No substitution permitted.

1. Cook the instant noodle and drain it dry.
2. Add enough Yeo's Sambal Ikan Bilis.
3. Add Rocket Brand (made in Kuantan) kicap.
4. Add Rocket Brand (made in Kuantan) kicap pekat.
5. Mix well and eat hot.
6. Oh! If necessary, it is advised to add a half boiled egg as topping. (This step is improvement from Mark himself).

You are welcome to try it and if it does taste good, please give a credit to my dad, okay?


Tummythoz said...

Hey used to do something like this during my schooldays too, minus the sambal & egg (very good ideas). I added a few drops of sesame oil.

Precious Pea said...

I would love to add in chopped cili padi to spice it up!

Huey Huey said...

Tham mee taste better when Mark cook for Huey....^_^

babe_kl said...

Thanks Mark for the entry. Will be adding it to the round up. Better late than never ;-)

btw can find rocket brand sauces here ka? looks so nice the rockets :p

Mark said...

Err... pea, its pretty hot already lerr...
Babe... Its kind of hard to find the brand. I got it in Ong Tai Kin in Puchong Perdana.