Journey to the Center of Food Heaven #4

We love surprises. No doubt about that. Try give a surprise party or surprise gift to your love. I am sure you will have a scream and big hug in return.

Surprises boost a little for our boring life and relation. Of cause, only good surprise spark our life and race our heart bit. Bad surprises like I am telling my boss we are going to lose ain't fun at all. It will fasten my boos heart bit, but sure not in a favor way. Not spark, but boom!

This sticky rice did surprise me. I love glutinous rice more than any other starchy meal. When I first open the rice stick for photo, I saw "youtiao" inside. First surprise! When I ate it, I found that there was another layer of meat husk in between. What another surprise! The only down side for the dish was not spicy. :)

"Cheong fun" in its origin. Can I say no good? Nope!

Instant noodle soup with fried egg. Simple yet warm feel.


teckiee said...

Is that rice yau char quai with chicken fross thing nice? Very unique.

Mark said...

Not bad. Yes, unique. They called it "chee fan" there.
I think we have potential to develop in our market here.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hong kong!!.. i miss the char leung..when you start talking about youtiao..

babe_kl said...

mark, how come can't post comment in yr #5? anyway, to tell you how much good food i ate in HK... darn shy haha... i was there for 4 days and at the end of it, i cant buckle up my trousers!!!

Mark said...

Babe, sorry... small accident during posting. Rectify liao.
hehehe... you are not the only one need to buy new trousers.