Journey to the Center of Food Heaven #6

There is a child in everybody's heart. But you wouldn't know where had he hide. You might not even notice there is a child somewhere inside you.

Life's commitment and routine make us lost our imagination. We chase matters which we thought are intangible and valuable. Materials we thought will make us happy and feel good. Brands to show other that we are achievable.

Chasing and rushing make us fail to look inside. But, when imagination die, will we feel happy?

Life should built from imagination and dreams that let us see the unsee able. Imagination makes our little world inside a little bit... wonderful!

Simple rice cake sandwich. I don't see it as a fast food, but my "Happy Meal".

Just shift my age a decimal point, I will be perfectly fit in the land of dreams, and I did.

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jason said...

HK's Happy Meal! hahaha...