Journey to the Center of Food Heaven #5

Eating in HK is a pleasure. Especially for me type of person who prefer Chinese. I was totally in heaven!

But being serve in HK is rather strange. I guess if I did not shift my expectation to a lower gear, I might ended up eating cup noodle in the room.

I do not think I look terrible, although I am not that handsome. No body smile at me even I tried to make joke. Maybe their pace is fast and live in certain tense. People is expecting fast respond and definite answer. When you hesitate in ordering food, be prepared to receive harsh respond.

I do not dare to act tough and demanding, especially in a place full of "seems like in movie" gangster. So, when ever I receive a cold respond, I just think of my belove at home and told myself:"This is damn good chicken feet!"

Take a lift up and you will reach heaven.

A typical "dim sum" breakfast, HK style.

The more I eat chicken feet, the more I nut with it. Chicken there has very nice feet. :)

This one was so so only.

"Char Siu Bao" my favorite "Dim Sum" since my grandfather offered me when I was 2.

Look at those "siu mai"... Wow!

"Pai Kuat"... too good for a meat eater like me. Fresh meat perfectly marinated and steamed.

Fired roll also not bad.

Oh! Those fried "Lo bak gou" melted in my mouth, just like that. No kidding.

And, sure must have porridge to complete a "dim sum" breakfast right?


cha said...

A trick for everyone to receive good services in Hong kong......... Don't ever speaks in cantonnese unless you have a HK slang!!!

Mark said...

Good point, brother!