Journey to the Center of Food Heaven #7

This is rather interesting story and one of the classic from my hunting experience...

I was so tired after one full day of walking and picture taking. Need water, need food and badly need a rest. Stars were on top of my head and my eye blur. I saw nothing but lights. My thinking was passive and I hardly open my eye. I was just like a lion lost in a desert, tired and hungry.

I need food badly, not care about the taste, but anything that can fill my stomach will do. I need to eat quickly and back take a hot shower then let my nerve get loose.

Walked passed a shop and a rugged man standing in front trying to look for customer.

"Come in, come in, we serve nice food here!" he said.

"Oh! What the hek." I thought and walked pass him entered into the shop.

"Go up stair! Just go up stair! Hey you, give way." He shouted to me and one of the poor fellow.

When I passed him, I saw a tattoo on his arm and his heavy gold bracelet. I was a little scare and thought of going off. But I was pushed inside and lead to up stair.

"Oh my!" I felt like a little kitty fallen into a trap, end of road facing a bunch of fierce dogs. There is no food waiting for me though, but I might be the dish on plate.

Was it a "dark shop"?

"Cher Zai Min" on the sign, seems a well manage restaurant.

Very smooth "cheong fan" topping with very thick peanut source. Oh my!

HK style magee mee goreng with fried chicken wings. Win any mamak stall's here hand's down. Because, this is their award winning dish! Oh my...

Look at those huge "wan tan". Each had three big prawns inside. Springy bite all came from the prawn. Oh my!

The award wining "cher zai min". All in one bowl, good or bad. But I only tasted the good. Can't find any bad.

Food of God awards collected in the cabinet. Gangster style service, heaven food served. What a life!


myCoffee said...

The food here sure does look delicious. Where about is this shop in HK? Do you still remember its location? Thanks.

teckiee said...

I bet the gangster service gave great umph!

jason said...

Wah... even gangster style food can be so nice! Look back at Malaysia's standard.... malu la

Mark said...

MyCoffee... its somewhere near Temple Street, a street selling lots of shoes.
teckiee, jason... wonderful experience as I was expecting the worse, turn out to be the best!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wah thats alot for 1 person..haha yeah truly gangster service..well gangsters deserves a 2nd chance rite? at least the foods looks uber yummy!

Jackson said...

aiyoo.... the wanton!! the award winning "little car noodle".... my oh my...