Journey to the Center of Food Heaven #9

Waiting is boring. Some might even get mad. My girl friend used to give me a knock whenever I was late. But she never realized that good things have to wait. And sometime, the satisfaction and surprises you gain will be multiply by the little frust you spend on queuing.

"Zhu Pa Bao", pork sandwich is a very famous food in Macau. I am sure for anyone growing with HK TVs heard of this burger thing. I am a "happy meal" lover, how can you tell me to let this go when I was just a second away?

The little green stall at Taipa only start serving "Zhu Pa Bao" at 3pm sharp, I had to wait for long. I thought early bird catch the worm and I was there in the early morning!

A little annoy and thought:"If this ain't good, sure will put something in my blog. @#$%!"

Sat behind a bench and read something and unnoticed that time flies and it past 3:02pm.

I couldn't believe my eye that the queue came from no where and the crowd just appeared like that!

Amazing! Sure this is good, really really good!

This is the road sign in front of the stall.

See the queue going into the little green shop?


The meat was freshly grilled, buns were on the heat also.

Oh my! Never tasted such a nice bun. No salad, no chili sauce, no nothing. Just plain marinated meat and a fresh bun. Killed me off!

Of cause I need to serve with drink also. This is not Teh Tarik. Its "Cham" or "Yin Yong". Came with half glass of milk tea and a pot of coffee. Got to make it myself.

Smooth tea coffee wake the wait.

Oh! By the way, their "Zhu Pa Min" also... thumb's up.


Tummythoz said...

New address, new home. I must remember to update my blogroll.
Those pork chop pictures do make my knees go weak ..

jason said...

wah lau.... so long queue! But the pork chop really makes me drooling leh

Mark said...

Yeah! Perfect pork chop. No words.

Precious Pea said...

Hi Mark, whereabout is this pork chop place? I was overstuffed during my last trip, ended up missing Macau's signature food. Going again this July...so I hope i will not miss it. Appreciate if you could give me the address and name of the shop.

Mark said...

Hi Pea, so sorry I did not take down the add. But it is situated near Rua de Cunha, the tourist street in Taipa (Tamzai). There are few chop shops around, but this one only serve at 3pm. When you in Tamzai, should be easy to locate. Very small town.

cookies_cream said...

walao...such a big piece of pork chop kiap in between the tiny bun...although no other condiments but it still tasted soo great...I'm drooling all over me now.

tankiasu said...

Oh dear, that porkchop bun is so tempting me to Macao!! AirAsia please give me free tics!!! :O

Precious Pea said...

Mark, I will be staying in Taipa. Last time i went, there is this food street in Taipa, around that area rite?

Jackson said...

OMG"! u r killing me softly.....

Mark said...

Cookies, Tankiasu, Jackson, I can assure you it taste heaven!
Pea, Its locate beside a temple and the House Museum. The area full of old fashion house for tourist. Not difficult to locate.